3 Easy DIY Tricks Anyone Can Do

No matter what level of experience you have, there is always something new that can be learned in the repurposing world as new techniques and new products are created. We all have that piece of furniture that we just aren't loving. Perhaps it was something that was repurposed once upon a time and needs a new look, or it is something you just haven't had the inspiration to tackle.

Today, we have chosen to share three videos created by our paint distributers at Country Chic Paint. We enjoy using these products on a daily basis and believe they are some of the best paint products on the market today. 

We will cover: 

1. How to layer different colors of paint. This will create more dimension and color in the piece when you watch learn (in the second video) how to distress your piece. 

Country Chic's Costal Fog over Cobblestone.  Source

Country Chic's Costal Fog over Cobblestone. Source

2. How to wet and dry distress to create an aged, worn look. As straight forward as this may sound, its helpful to learn some tips and tricks about wet and dry distressing so your piece doesn't end up with "chicken pox."

Country Chic's Ocean Breeze.  Source . 

Country Chic's Ocean Breeze. Source

3. How to apply wax and tough coat for sealing and antiquing. 

Country Chic's Hurricane with White Wax.  Source.

Country Chic's Hurricane with White Wax. Source.

Layering Painted Furniture

Wet and dry distressing

Wax and tough coat

You can find a range of Country Chic colors and products on the shelves at Ramshackled Treasures. 

We also have a Painting 101 class coming up on July 14th, August 6th and September 8th or our popular Cabinet Painting class on July 21 and August 18th. 

As always, happy creating! 

Minnesota Blog Moms Expose One Towns BIG Secret

A evening of shopping that starts out with pickle poppers is destined to be an excellent time. Last Thursday evening Minnesota "blog moms" had a night out in Zimmerman touring the fun shops, sampling food at the restaurants and meeting the enthusiastic and fun-loving shop owners. 

The evening began at the The Whistling Pickle, where the bloggers visited over complimentary pickle-themed appetizers and green pistachio cupcakes.

Our group then meandered down Fremont Ave, led by our tour guide Stacy McDevitt (owner of Ramshackled Treasures) to ZoChic Boutique. ZoChic is different than other shops in that as well as having a physical store, it is also a traveling boutique that brings the store to your door. Owner, Megan and business partner Becky, are busy ladies between booking 100 shopping parties a year and running a shop, but their enthusiasm for fashion and retail is apparent in their smiles. 

Owner, Megan and business partner Becky

Owner, Megan and business partner Becky

Bloggers shopping!

Bloggers shopping!

The Tattooed Lady's shop neighbors ZoChic. At first we were surprised, a tattoo parlor? But the instant we walked in all presuppositions were ended. Sonia, tattooist and artist, had an amazing shop, every wall was covered in interesting art (the majority of which was created by her). 4X4 pencil drawings that looked as realistic as black and white photographs. There were even cabinets with fantastic decoupaged shoes. "We are a little unique," Sonia said with a smile, her hands in the pockets of a gingerbread apron. 

The Tattooed Lady's owner Sonia

The Tattooed Lady's owner Sonia

Sonia explained that her fascination with tattooing began at a young age. Her dad had a tiny, poorly done skull tattoo..."It was tacky and I loved it!" She went to school for fine art and later worked for a year (for free!) for a tattoo artist who taught her about tattooing. It was a treat to meet her and see her art and defiantly worth stopping in.

Next stop--The Shoppes on Fremont! Andrea, the pretty owner, greeted us with enthusiastic smiles. She explained that she loves her vendors to embrace their unique styles and so here "anything goes!" There we wandered around the massive shop, discovering a range of prices points, from rusty and junky, to mid century, to elegant or happy chic. 

Owner Andrea

Owner Andrea

By this time we had been plied with wine and chocolate at nearly every stop, but we meander down the street to Ramshackled Treasures and stuffed our faces with cream puffs anyway.

Ramshackled's quality never ceases to amaze. You wander in and the first thing you notice is the crystal chandeliers and the light filtering through the large street-facing window. Everything around you is just sweet and lovingly done. 

Ramshackled's Owner, Stacey

Ramshackled's Owner, Stacey

Sassy Bean Boutique was up next and offered a wide range of styles from French country upholstery, Minnesota-themed items, to "things found." Owner Tammy, is also a graphic designer and explained that her friend helped her come up with the name, "Because I'm sassy and I'm small like a bean," she explained with a laugh.  

Zimmerman Gifts and Floral was a rammed to the rafters with live and fake floral arrangements and cute gifties. It's one of those easy stops if you need to find a quick but unique gift. It's owner, Ruth, has been busy creating gorgeous arrangements for upcoming summer weddings, but her chihuahua keeps her company during the long hours on her shawl wreathed thrown. ;)


We then climbed into a "party bus" also known as "the window licker express" and were driven to our next destination by Greg, owner of Ridgewood Bay Resort

Ashley Taylor Salon and Spa was another pleasant surprise and bloggers were introduced to owner, Caryn. The salon has won awards in 2013 and 2014 and prides itself on excellence and artistry with a wide-range of offerings in one location, such as, hair, nail, massage, facials, tanning services and more. 

Owner, Caryn and Julie, Front Desk

Owner, Caryn and Julie, Front Desk

Then we climbed back on the "party bus" and onward to Nelson Nursery which has been in Zimmerman since 1979. We stepped into the balmy greenhouse, inhaled the sweet smells and were surrounded by ruffly delicate color at every turn. 

Interestingly, the Christmas wreaths/swags that the Boy Scouts sell for their seasonal fundraiser are created at Nelsons Nursery and are shipped all across the country. 

To end the night we landed at ZBG Grill and ate pizza, cheesy bread and house famous strawberry margaritas on their outdoor patio.

We were given "Ladies on the Loose" gift bags by the shop owners which contained free paint, Aveda lotions, an audio book, cookie, scarf, mini chalk board and a flower pot butterfly.

We were given "Ladies on the Loose" gift bags by the shop owners which contained free paint, Aveda lotions, an audio book, cookie, scarf, mini chalk board and a flower pot butterfly.

The bloggers parted ways with smiles, arms full of purchases and surprised by the secrets we'd discovered in the small town of Zimmerman. 

A special thanks to all the amazing bloggers who attended this event!

Ashley Sears quirkyinspired.com facebook.com/quirkyinspired1 Instagram: @quirkyinspired

Chrysa Duran thriftyjinxy.com facebook.com/thriftyminnesota Instagram: @thriftyjinxy

Daphne Christensen firsttimemommn.com facebook.com/firsttimemommn Instagram: @firsttimemommn

Samara Postuma from simplicityinthesuburbs.com

Debbie McLoughlin: africasblog.com

Gianna Kordatsky familyfuntwincities.com 

If you liked some of the things you saw today, the next "Ladies on the Loose" Rustic Whimsical Sidewalk Sale is on July 9th! Bring a friend--there will be special sales, freebees and door prizes!