Step into our Vendors' Homes: Melissa's Industrial Boy Bedroom

As part of an ongoing monthly series we will be entering the homes of our talented Ramshackled Treasures vendors. They will show us their recent DIYs, room remodels and favorite furniture refinishes. Prepare yourself to learn, share and be inspired!

Last month we toured Sarah's fabulous family room redo. This month we proudly introduce Melissa!--a DIYer and up-cycler to the core. First, you should know that Melissa is crazy talented. She is a mother of two, has a fine arts degree, works downtown as a hiring manager and likes to build furniture in her spare time! Her creative flair expresses itself in the pallet picture frames and the handmade furniture she displays in her small room (the bathroom in fact) at the shop. 

Before Melissa came to Ramshackled Treasures, she started seeing pallet wood creations pop up here and there. "And I said, 'I could do that.' So I made 100 picture frames. Finally when I stopped, I was like: 'What am I going to do with all these frames?' I got in touch with Stacey [the shop's owner], and got to join the Ramshackled team. I love the ability to have a creative outlet and recycle the old stuff--especially the pallets--things that would otherwise be burned. It has such character and I find that stuff really fascinating I'm kind of obsessed with texture." 

Melissa's Recent Ikea Hack

Ikea Expedit shelf reinvented! 

Ikea Expedit shelf reinvented! 

How...just. HOW!? She turned something so ordinary into something so unique and amazing!

How...just. HOW!? She turned something so ordinary into something so unique and amazing!

"I would describe my style as pretty earthy," Melissa said. "When I put words on signs it tends to be more family oriented with words like: love and explore."

Trevor's Industrial Boy Room 

As Melissa's two son's get older they expressed that they wanted "big boy" rooms.

"When we were starting the process, I pulled pictures up on Pinterest and asked each one of them questions. Which desk do you like better? I like them to have as much say as possible."

Her oldest son, Trevor, seemed to gravitate toward things with an industrial feel so Melissa created an industrial desk out of black pipes and wood.

"He picked out the color of the wood that he wanted. He likes being involved in the process." Melissa said. "And he helped me drill and screw the brackets. I like to get the boys involved in projects with me." 

Melissa painted the dresser with Country Chic's "Dark Roast" Paint and spray painted the drawers silver. She felt that the silver against the black looked too startling so she rubbed Fiddes brown wax over the drawers and it gave it an aged metal appearance. 

When asked how Trevor likes his new room, Melissa said: "He loves it! He likes to draw at his desk and work on projects...I'll ask him to clean his room and come up an hour later and he's arranging it just so."

Industrial nightstand light made by Melissa. 

Industrial nightstand light made by Melissa. 

Melissa is now working on her youngest son Owen's room which is going to be more of a woodsy/camping theme to fit his free-spirited personality.

Melissa looks forward to taking her sons camping at Jay Cooke State Park this summer!