Decorating Your Living Room with Ramshackled Treasures

Maybe you love your living room as is. Maybe your are looking forward to loving it. Whatever stage your living room may be in, it's always fun to bring some fresh decor and new ideas to the coffee table! ;)

Dresser or Buffet in the Living Room

Sceptic: " that acceptable? Dressers go in the bedroom and buffets go in the kitchen." Us: "Do we have an elimination buzzer...anyone?" 

Unconventional Decorating is 100% Ramshackled Approved! Sometimes bringing the unexpected into a space can be just what it needs!

Use this extra storage to store games, kids' artwork, photo albums, doggie toys, dishes--whatever! 

Upholstered Accent Chairs

Light, movable accent chairs are a great idea to accommodate a large amount of guests rather than busting out that flimsy card table and fold out chairs. They can be kept in the living room, or moved to a spare bedroom when they aren't being used. 

Wall Hangings

Massive pallet wood clock. Boom! Mic drop. 

**A little tip: Most of our wall hangings and signs can be custom ordered at the shop, be sure to let us know if you have something specific in mind. 

Sofa Table

Behind a couch or off to the side, the functionality of these little guys is endless. 

Coffee Table

Accent Pillows

We have many different handmade throw pillows at the shop in different colors and styles. Pop over to see what's new!

Everything pictured here is from our store. If you like what you see here, plan a trip to Ramshackled Treasures in Zimmerman with your friends. You won't be disappointed!