Can I get personal for a moment?

 Ok guys, can I get personal with you for a moment? If you have been paying attention to some of my posts lately, you will know that I have literally been going through a physical transformation. Sometimes you hit a roadblock with life and realize you need to make changes or you will continue down the same path.

Well this year I made the decision to change two things about myself that have always been an issue for me since I can remember. My weight and my teeth.

With my weight, I have been doing keto and it has been amazing. I have lost a lot a weight but I am not going to share that info here at this moment. I am going to save that for another time.

Nope, today's post is about my teeth. I have always hated my smile and have always been embarrassed by my crooked teeth. I never got braces as a teen and when I became an adult other things took precedence over them and besides the cost was outrageous.

Well not this year! With the encouragement of my wonderfully, supportive husband, I did it! I signed up for Smile Direct Club back in December and have never been happier! I am in my final 6 weeks and am just blown away by the results so far.

The first thing I did was to visit their clinic which was about an hour away for me.  I did not feel comfortable doing my own impressions and preferred their option of the 3D scan.  Once that was completed, they told me it would take about 3 to 4 weeks to review them and let me know if I qualify.  Once I received the email that I was, I was on board.  

I then had to do a down payment of $250 to get my aligners made.  I did that and then it took about another 3 weeks to receive my kit that had everything I needed to start the process. 


In the beginning I had a couple of Aligners that didn't quite fit and rubbed my gums.  I just took their file and all was good. 

I received everything I needed to do this.  I was told it was going to take 10 months to accomplish what needed to be done.  The average is 6 months.

I received everything I needed to do this.  I was told it was going to take 10 months to accomplish what needed to be done.  The average is 6 months.

I am being vulnerable and posting a before/after pic. Now remember, I have also been losing weight so the difference is quite crazy!

I just wanted to share because I know at some point we think we are too old to make changes in our life. Well guess what, you are not!

So, I encourage you to take a look and see if this is something you would like to do for yourself. If so, click on the link below to learn more about Smile Direct Club. It was very simple for me.  I went to their clinic in St. Louis Park where they did a 3D image scan of my mouth.  Within a few days they contacted me to let me know I qualified.  So I put $250 down for them to create my ligners and within a few weeks I received this package that had everything I needed for the next 10 months. You will not be disappointed and go ahead and email me if you have any questions or visit their website.


If you are interested in learning more about Smile Direct Club and if you quality just click the link here.

At first I was very hesitant but knew it was something I desperately wanted to do.

In the beginning, I had a couple of aligners that didn't fit very well but I just took them out and used the file provided to take away the spot that was rubbing on my gums.

It is about 60% cheaper then their competitors and you have the option to pay in fulll or $80 a month.

So, if you are interested in learning more, please click here

Let me know how it goes for you!  Again, here is the link.  


Stacey McDevitt





3 Easy DIY Tricks Anyone Can Do

No matter what level of experience you have, there is always something new that can be learned in the repurposing world as new techniques and new products are created. We all have that piece of furniture that we just aren't loving. Perhaps it was something that was repurposed once upon a time and needs a new look, or it is something you just haven't had the inspiration to tackle.

Today, we have chosen to share three videos created by our paint distributers at Country Chic Paint. We enjoy using these products on a daily basis and believe they are some of the best paint products on the market today. 

We will cover: 

1. How to layer different colors of paint. This will create more dimension and color in the piece when you watch learn (in the second video) how to distress your piece. 

Country Chic's Costal Fog over Cobblestone.  Source

Country Chic's Costal Fog over Cobblestone. Source

2. How to wet and dry distress to create an aged, worn look. As straight forward as this may sound, its helpful to learn some tips and tricks about wet and dry distressing so your piece doesn't end up with "chicken pox."

Country Chic's Ocean Breeze.  Source . 

Country Chic's Ocean Breeze. Source

3. How to apply wax and tough coat for sealing and antiquing. 

Country Chic's Hurricane with White Wax.  Source.

Country Chic's Hurricane with White Wax. Source.

Layering Painted Furniture

Wet and dry distressing

Wax and tough coat

You can find a range of Country Chic colors and products on the shelves at Ramshackled Treasures. 

We also have a Painting 101 class coming up on July 14th, August 6th and September 8th or our popular Cabinet Painting class on July 21 and August 18th. 

As always, happy creating! 

Minnesota Blog Moms Expose One Towns BIG Secret

A evening of shopping that starts out with pickle poppers is destined to be an excellent time. Last Thursday evening Minnesota "blog moms" had a night out in Zimmerman touring the fun shops, sampling food at the restaurants and meeting the enthusiastic and fun-loving shop owners. 

The evening began at the The Whistling Pickle, where the bloggers visited over complimentary pickle-themed appetizers and green pistachio cupcakes.

Our group then meandered down Fremont Ave, led by our tour guide Stacy McDevitt (owner of Ramshackled Treasures) to ZoChic Boutique. ZoChic is different than other shops in that as well as having a physical store, it is also a traveling boutique that brings the store to your door. Owner, Megan and business partner Becky, are busy ladies between booking 100 shopping parties a year and running a shop, but their enthusiasm for fashion and retail is apparent in their smiles. 

Owner, Megan and business partner Becky

Owner, Megan and business partner Becky

Bloggers shopping!

Bloggers shopping!

The Tattooed Lady's shop neighbors ZoChic. At first we were surprised, a tattoo parlor? But the instant we walked in all presuppositions were ended. Sonia, tattooist and artist, had an amazing shop, every wall was covered in interesting art (the majority of which was created by her). 4X4 pencil drawings that looked as realistic as black and white photographs. There were even cabinets with fantastic decoupaged shoes. "We are a little unique," Sonia said with a smile, her hands in the pockets of a gingerbread apron. 

The Tattooed Lady's owner Sonia

The Tattooed Lady's owner Sonia

Sonia explained that her fascination with tattooing began at a young age. Her dad had a tiny, poorly done skull tattoo..."It was tacky and I loved it!" She went to school for fine art and later worked for a year (for free!) for a tattoo artist who taught her about tattooing. It was a treat to meet her and see her art and defiantly worth stopping in.

Next stop--The Shoppes on Fremont! Andrea, the pretty owner, greeted us with enthusiastic smiles. She explained that she loves her vendors to embrace their unique styles and so here "anything goes!" There we wandered around the massive shop, discovering a range of prices points, from rusty and junky, to mid century, to elegant or happy chic. 

Owner Andrea

Owner Andrea

By this time we had been plied with wine and chocolate at nearly every stop, but we meander down the street to Ramshackled Treasures and stuffed our faces with cream puffs anyway.

Ramshackled's quality never ceases to amaze. You wander in and the first thing you notice is the crystal chandeliers and the light filtering through the large street-facing window. Everything around you is just sweet and lovingly done. 

Ramshackled's Owner, Stacey

Ramshackled's Owner, Stacey

Sassy Bean Boutique was up next and offered a wide range of styles from French country upholstery, Minnesota-themed items, to "things found." Owner Tammy, is also a graphic designer and explained that her friend helped her come up with the name, "Because I'm sassy and I'm small like a bean," she explained with a laugh.  

Zimmerman Gifts and Floral was a rammed to the rafters with live and fake floral arrangements and cute gifties. It's one of those easy stops if you need to find a quick but unique gift. It's owner, Ruth, has been busy creating gorgeous arrangements for upcoming summer weddings, but her chihuahua keeps her company during the long hours on her shawl wreathed thrown. ;)


We then climbed into a "party bus" also known as "the window licker express" and were driven to our next destination by Greg, owner of Ridgewood Bay Resort

Ashley Taylor Salon and Spa was another pleasant surprise and bloggers were introduced to owner, Caryn. The salon has won awards in 2013 and 2014 and prides itself on excellence and artistry with a wide-range of offerings in one location, such as, hair, nail, massage, facials, tanning services and more. 

Owner, Caryn and Julie, Front Desk

Owner, Caryn and Julie, Front Desk

Then we climbed back on the "party bus" and onward to Nelson Nursery which has been in Zimmerman since 1979. We stepped into the balmy greenhouse, inhaled the sweet smells and were surrounded by ruffly delicate color at every turn. 

Interestingly, the Christmas wreaths/swags that the Boy Scouts sell for their seasonal fundraiser are created at Nelsons Nursery and are shipped all across the country. 

To end the night we landed at ZBG Grill and ate pizza, cheesy bread and house famous strawberry margaritas on their outdoor patio.

We were given "Ladies on the Loose" gift bags by the shop owners which contained free paint, Aveda lotions, an audio book, cookie, scarf, mini chalk board and a flower pot butterfly.

We were given "Ladies on the Loose" gift bags by the shop owners which contained free paint, Aveda lotions, an audio book, cookie, scarf, mini chalk board and a flower pot butterfly.

The bloggers parted ways with smiles, arms full of purchases and surprised by the secrets we'd discovered in the small town of Zimmerman. 

A special thanks to all the amazing bloggers who attended this event!

Ashley Sears Instagram: @quirkyinspired

Chrysa Duran Instagram: @thriftyjinxy

Daphne Christensen Instagram: @firsttimemommn

Samara Postuma from

Debbie McLoughlin:

Gianna Kordatsky 

If you liked some of the things you saw today, the next "Ladies on the Loose" Rustic Whimsical Sidewalk Sale is on July 9th! Bring a friend--there will be special sales, freebees and door prizes! 


Ramshackled Customer Photos and Contest Winners!

All of us at Ramshackled Treasures are so thankful for the continued loyalty we receive from our amazing customers. It's so humbling to know that many of them travel long distances to shop with us on a regular basis. Doing what we love is only possible because you! 

As part of a June Blog Contest we asked our customers to send in photos of how they have decorated their homes with Ramshackled Treasures merchandise. They did! And now we all get to experience the fun and creative ways they have implemented furniture pieces and decor into their unique and lovely homes. And can we just say, we LOVE how they brought it all together! 

(Contest winners will be announced at the end of this post!)

And the Winners are...

Andrea M. for the $50 Ramshackled Gift Certificate 

Amanda J. for the "Junking Queen T-Shirt" 

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated, it is such a treat for us to get a glimpse into your lovely homes! 



Step into our Vendors' Homes: Melissa's Industrial Boy Bedroom

As part of an ongoing monthly series we will be entering the homes of our talented Ramshackled Treasures vendors. They will show us their recent DIYs, room remodels and favorite furniture refinishes. Prepare yourself to learn, share and be inspired!

Last month we toured Sarah's fabulous family room redo. This month we proudly introduce Melissa!--a DIYer and up-cycler to the core. First, you should know that Melissa is crazy talented. She is a mother of two, has a fine arts degree, works downtown as a hiring manager and likes to build furniture in her spare time! Her creative flair expresses itself in the pallet picture frames and the handmade furniture she displays in her small room (the bathroom in fact) at the shop. 

Before Melissa came to Ramshackled Treasures, she started seeing pallet wood creations pop up here and there. "And I said, 'I could do that.' So I made 100 picture frames. Finally when I stopped, I was like: 'What am I going to do with all these frames?' I got in touch with Stacey [the shop's owner], and got to join the Ramshackled team. I love the ability to have a creative outlet and recycle the old stuff--especially the pallets--things that would otherwise be burned. It has such character and I find that stuff really fascinating I'm kind of obsessed with texture." 

Melissa's Recent Ikea Hack

Ikea Expedit shelf reinvented! 

Ikea Expedit shelf reinvented! 

How...just. HOW!? She turned something so ordinary into something so unique and amazing!

How...just. HOW!? She turned something so ordinary into something so unique and amazing!

"I would describe my style as pretty earthy," Melissa said. "When I put words on signs it tends to be more family oriented with words like: love and explore."

Trevor's Industrial Boy Room 

As Melissa's two son's get older they expressed that they wanted "big boy" rooms.

"When we were starting the process, I pulled pictures up on Pinterest and asked each one of them questions. Which desk do you like better? I like them to have as much say as possible."

Her oldest son, Trevor, seemed to gravitate toward things with an industrial feel so Melissa created an industrial desk out of black pipes and wood.

"He picked out the color of the wood that he wanted. He likes being involved in the process." Melissa said. "And he helped me drill and screw the brackets. I like to get the boys involved in projects with me." 

Melissa painted the dresser with Country Chic's "Dark Roast" Paint and spray painted the drawers silver. She felt that the silver against the black looked too startling so she rubbed Fiddes brown wax over the drawers and it gave it an aged metal appearance. 

When asked how Trevor likes his new room, Melissa said: "He loves it! He likes to draw at his desk and work on projects...I'll ask him to clean his room and come up an hour later and he's arranging it just so."

Industrial nightstand light made by Melissa. 

Industrial nightstand light made by Melissa. 

Melissa is now working on her youngest son Owen's room which is going to be more of a woodsy/camping theme to fit his free-spirited personality.

Melissa looks forward to taking her sons camping at Jay Cooke State Park this summer!



Minnesota Artisans Share 6 Father's Day Gift Ideas

Happy Tuesday!

We hope your Memorial Weekend included the lake and loved ones and that you had time to reflect or thank the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our freedoms.

Now, switching gears a bit...

Today, we are sharing our top six gift ideas for Father's Day! Unless you're 2016's Super Daughter/Son you probably haven't decided what you're getting dad--lets be real here--you probably haven't even thought about what you're getting him.

Of course there's the default gifts which we all know on sight: belt, socks, cufflinks, gift card...FACE PALM! Believe me, no judgement, we've all been there, we've all done it and will probably do it again. But why not give him something different this year?

Maybe offer to decorate or organize his man cave or spiff up his garage for him? Yes, this is holy ground we are treading on, and chances are he will say no, but it doesn't hurt to ask. 

Regardless, of what he says, you can still buy him a little something to make his happy place more personal and manly! The following is a list of our TOP SIX Father's Day man cave ideas, created by our Ramshackled artist and currently at the shop.

1. Game Night Table

2. Reclaimed Dart Board and Clock 

3. Game Room Pillows and Billiard Stools

4. Copper Top One-of-a-Kind Piano Bar

5. Manly Wall Art & Signage 

6. Reclaimed Wood Beer Carrier

We take custom orders so be sure to contact us if you having something special in mind that you didn't see here! 


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Trade Secrets that We're Only Telling YOU

Often we meet customers who are intrigued with the idea of painting their own furniture, but haven't yet taken the plunge. First, if that's you, let us assure you that it's not as hard as it looks!! And once you've seen the results of your handiwork--you'll be hooked! 

Gorgeous dresser painted with Country Chic Paint by our lovely vendor Tammi!

Gorgeous dresser painted with Country Chic Paint by our lovely vendor Tammi!

Painting is kind of an addiction for us--it's in our blood! Today, we wanted to take a few minutes to answer questions that beginner painters may have and explain the process of prepping and painting your first piece of furniture. We hope it gives you the courage to roll up your sleeves and paint something amazing! 

How do I prep a piece of furniture for paint?

If you are using Country Chic Paint (our personal fav) little to no prep is needed, however, it is advisable that you clean your piece of furniture thoroughly with a rag and soapy water because residue or dirt may compromise the perfect adhesion of the paint after it dries. 

AnnieSloanChalkPaintBeginners-11 (1).jpg

The piece I have was already painted once. Is that okay?

The short answer...yes! However, if the previous paint is chipping off in nasty flakes, you will need to sand it.

 Does it matter if the previous finish oil or water based?

If the piece was previously painted it is helpful to know if the old finish is water based or oil based paint. You test this by taking a q-tip dipped in acetone nail polish remover rubbing it on the piece. If you see color coming off and staining your q-tip then you know it is water based and you can go ahead and paint over it. Oil based paint will not show any color on the q-tip. If a previous oil base paint finish exists, it is recommended to lightly sand the surface with a fine grit sandpaper. 

Okay, my piece is clean, now what? 

You're ready to rock! If you use Country Chic Paint there is little to no preparation required. Next you will need: 

  1. A synthetic bristly brush
  2. Country Chic Paint (low VOC and safe to use indoors!)
  3. A stir stick 

Give the paint can a good shake, remove lid and then stir for 2 minutes. 

How do I hold my brush?

For best control of your brush hold it on the ferrule (the metal part of the brush). With your thumb on one side and the other fingers holding the other side. 

Dip about half the bristles into the paint. Don't over dip the brush otherwise you may experience drips. 

Does it matter what direction I apply the paint?

When painting your piece, always paint in one direction otherwise you may experience too much texture in your finish. You want your piece to be smooth--like frosting on a cake! 

Don't paint over sections that have partially dried already. You can always go back and fix it once it is fully dried. Avoid painting in direct sunlight or when the humidity is more than 80%. 

Paint your furniture in your favorite Country Chic color and you'll be hooked! If you have questions regarding a current project feel free to ask any of us at the shop, or leave a comment, we'd love to help! 

Recent Country Chic Beauties by our Lovely Vendors!

by Michelle

by Michelle

by Deb

by Deb

by Aimee

by Aimee

by Aimee

by Aimee

Check out Our Classes!

If you're interested in painting like a professional and would like to be apart of a fun group environment we offer classes! 

Painting 101

June 11th 10a-1p

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